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Renault Clio

We all like to think that we are good drivers but many people will have taken their test some time ago. Traffic conditions have changed and new regulations, signs and road markings have been introduced.

Have you kept up?

Are there things you don’t know about?

Are you aware of speed limits and how to tell what limit you are in at any given time?

Do you sometimes see road signs or markings that you don’t understand?

Did you realise that just a few changes to your driving style could make you up to 70% safer and reduce fuel costs by at least 10%?

If the answers to any of the above are NO then you would benefit from just a couple of hours of tuition on a refresher course.

Please contact Drive Time for full details.

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Renault Clio

Advanced Courses

Drive Time can help you study towards and prepare for the Institute of Advanced Motorists advanced driving test. Have a look at the IAM Website at If you are interested please give us a call.

Further Advanced Driving Courses are offered by :

Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents

Diamond Advanced Motorists


Again, contact us, we will be able to help you prepare for these courses and tests.

I can also offer tuition to Driving Instructors who wish to take any of the DIA DIAmond Driving Tests.

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Renault Clio

Eco Driving

Just a few changes to your driving style and technique can save you well over £100 per year. A recent DSA survey indicated that Eco-Driving can reduce fuel consumption by 1.5 litres over a distance of 100km (approx 62 miles). If you travel 15000 miles per year this equates to an annual saving of nearly £300 (at current average fuel prices).

You will also reduce wear and tear on your car (reducing servicing costs) and you will reduce your CO2 output.

Please see our Eco-Driving page for more information on Eco-Driving.